FEMAP with NX Nastran Release V12.0




FEMAP software version 12 is the latest release of the standalone finite element modelling pre- and postprocessor for engineering simulation and analysis. FEMAP is CAD-independent and can import geometry from all major CAD platforms and supports most CAD formats. FEMAP also works in combination with a wide variety of finite element analysis solvers, including the industry-leading NX Nastran software.


FEMAP version 12 provides a number of interactive visualization and user interface (UI) updates improving ease-of-use, as well as enhancements to geometry pre- and postprocessing functionality with extended solver support. New solution capabilities include support for NX Nastran multi-step nonlinear analyses and topology optimization with extended design optimization funtionality.



Benefits and features


  • Interactive control and clearer model viewing

  • Improved workflows and enhanced modeling tools

  • Extended range of simulation applications

  • Updates to visualization and user interface
  • Extended pre- and postprocessing toolbox capabilities
  • Support for new solver solution sequences














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