About us


Since 14 years AeroFEM is an experienced and competent partner for engineering services. Founding the company, the partners Arne Vollen, Patrice Verdan and Jörg Spichtig had already gathered between 10 an 30 years of professional experience in the aerospace industry. Hence, the company is primarily focused on aerospace, wind energy and transportation. Mechanical engineering, structural steelwork and medical engineering complement the AeroFEM range of skills. Currently, the company employs 14 engineers and two persones for administration services.




Our Philosophy


To deliver an optimum solution to the customer through


  • An excellent know-how level of all AeroFEM engineers
  • A most advanced soft- and hardware environment
  • Applying appropriate solution strategies
  • Keeping agreed cost and time schedules
  • Direct and open communication with the customer
  • Clear definition of our core business




Our Strengths


All engineers have an extensive practical experience

  •  excellent theoretical background mixed with industrial experience


All engineers have a high efficiency for solutions

  • Efficient and economically focused problem solutions
  • An ideal mix of numerical and analytical analysis



Super Constellation

Bild: Super Constellation Flyers




Bild: Air Zermatt



Solar Impulse HB-SIA

Bild: Solar Impulse SA



Wind Turbine