FEMAP with NX Nastran


AeroFEM is selling and supporting partner of Siemens Industry

Software AG for FEMAP in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg (Austria).


Deceloping exceptional products nothing should be left to chance and assumptions. FEMAP and NX Nastran from Siemens Industry Software AG increase the quality of your products and processes through high-performance solutions for design support through digital analysis and simulation.


What is FEMAP?

FEMAP provides affordable and very powerful FEM software for the design engineer. FEMAP is the world's leading CAD-independent and specifically for Windows designed solution with pre and post processor for powerful finite element analysis.


FEMAP with NX Nastran

FEMAP offers comprehensive functions in an independent environment for modelling, simulation and evaluation of product properties. Interactively supports a wide range of functionalities. The size of the base module contains linear and static functionalities, modal analysis, buckling and crippling thermal conduction calculation (stationary and transient), nonlinear analysis, connection and weld elements, linear contact, adhesive bonding, and bolt preload. Dynamic options are also available for FEMAP with NX Nastran - these include transient/dynamic, frequency/harmonic response, response spectrum, random response DDAM (dynamic design analysis method) - as well as advanced nonlinear analysis, aeroelasticity, superelements, optimization, rotor dynamics and DMAP (direct matrix abstraction program).


The product configuration provides a wide range of functionalities already included in the base module and allows high flexibility and scalability, enabling the most difficult types of analysis for the most complex development problems.



Analysis capabilities available for FEMAP


FEMAP with NX Nastran


Basic Module   




Basic analysis



Linear static analysis


Normal modes analysis


Buckling analysis


Heat transfer analysis (steady-state and transient)


Basic nonlinear analysis


Connectors and weld elements


Linear contact


Glued connection



Bolt preloads






Advanced analysis capabilities



Dynamic response analysis


Advanced nonlinear analysis module


Superelements analysis module


Direct matrix abstraction programming (DMAP)


Design optimization module


Rotor dynamics


FEMAP Thermal


FEMAP Advanced Thermal




Aeroelasticity module


Integration with NX Nastran

For years FEMAP has been used as pre and post processor for NX Nastran. Additionally to NX Nastran, FEMAP supports other versions of Nastran like MSC-M Nastran and NEiNAstran. All these solvers can easily be built into FEMAP and provide a high level of solution control to the user.


Detailed and complete NX Nastran control

Within FEMAP, most aspects of the simulation with Nastran can be defined and controlled. At the adjustment of the solutions options (such as defining an interactive solution), parametric keyword adjustment, specific task control and manuel control with DMAP, case control (loading and boundary definition), model checking (geomcheck controls, weight & ground checks) and detailed commands for the establishment of results.


FEMAP thermal Solver

FEMAP thermal includes both the transient and steady-state thermal analysis capabilities required to solve a majority of common engineering problems.


FEMAP advanced thermal Solver

The FEMAP advanced thermal adds many advanced thermal and fluid flow modelling capabilities to the FEMAP Thermal package, including fluid duct flow modelling, coupled convection and fluid flow analysis and an extensive set of tools for advanced radiation and spacecraft modelling (solar and orbital heating, orbit modelling and display, specular refelctions with ray tracing and articulating structures). FEMAP advanced Thermal also provides advanced solver features such as custom user subroutines, model simplification, substructuring and interfaces to 3rd party thermal codes.


FEMAP flow 

FEMAP Flow provides a comprehensive 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution fully integrated within FEMAP.




Solar Impulse 2



View stress contours and shear flows on the beam cross section in Femap




Femap supports the new NX Nastran edge glue contact capability that allows easier assembly of shell models



Feature Editing in Femap allows model features to be moved and rotated easily, and automatically updates the mesh



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