On-Demand Webinar - What's New in Simcenter FEMAP V2020.2

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Simcenter FEMAP 2020.2

Simcenter Femap V2020 2 Whats New

Vorschau Webinar - What’s New in FEMAP 2020.2:

  • Performance Improvements for large FE-Models
  • New Element Type: Nastran General Matrix (GENEL)
  • New Stress Linearization Tool
  • New Send to Excel Commands
  • Improved Follower Forces and Moments for Pre- and Postprocessing
  • Extended Geometry Editing Tools in the Meshing Toolbox
  • More robust mesh editing with associated entities
  • Display Aero Pressures, Coefficients and Forces for Aeroelasticity
  • Multi Session Support and other Extensions for API


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