Structural analysis

From simple statics to complex dynamic simulations, we have answers to your structural problems. With the help of computer-aided simulation we can evaluate your product in a fully virtual environment.

Since 2002, AeroFEM has performed static and dynamic structural analyses of over a thousand projects for more than 80 international customers. With the aid of numerical calculations (FEA), we can investigate the linear as well as the nonlinear behavior of mechanical parts and assemblies. Loads are calculated according to engineering standards or determined by using dynamic multi-body simulations. In aerodynamic situations, loads can also be determined directly with CFD calculations (see flow simulation) and applied to our structural models. Where applicable, the verifications are also supported by analytical methods. Upon completion of the analysis, relevant documentation is prepared for approval, and, if required, coordination with regulatory authorities is arranged.

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Jörg Spichtig
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Numeric calculations

  • Finite element models for static, dynamic and aeroelastic analyses
  • Implicit analysis with NX Nastran (linear and nonlinear)
  • Linear static (strain, deformation, stretching)
  • Nonlinear static analysis under consideration of large deformations, material non-linearity and contact situations
  • Instabilities (buckling)
  • Dynamic analysis (calculation of part behaviour in time and frequency domains)
  • Optimizations (topology and parameter)
  • Explicit analyses with LS-DYNA and NX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear
  • Crash calculations (e.g. bird strike on aircraft windows)
  • Shock landing simulation
  • Investigation of mechanical systems via elastic multi-body simulations (e.g. aircraft control system)
  • Rotor dynamic analysis with GAROS and NX Nastran (e.g. wind turbines or helicopters)
  • Aeroelastic analysis for aircraft and wind turbines
  • DMAP programming for NX Nastran
  • Customer specific API development for FEMAP

Mechanical analysis of components and assemblies

  • Analytic structural strength verification according to engineering guidelines and standards
  • Verifications according to FKM, DIN, VDI or EC3 (Eurocode)
  • Analytic stability analysis (buckling)
  • Fatigue analysis (e.g. crack growth calculation)

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Load calculation

  • Analysis of load cases under consideration of the current regulations
  • Load calculations for aircrafts and helicopters under consideration of the FAR/JAR/CS regulations (VLA,-22,-23,-25,-27,-29)
  • Analysis of dynamic loads from tests
  • Development of fatigue spectrums
  • Load calculations according to DIN/EN/ISO for diverse industries (e.g. vehicle manufacturing)
  • Calculation of interface loads on parts (e.g. for the attainment of NTOs)

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  • Preparation of certification plans
  • Preparation of certification documents
  • Certification reports for parts and building groups
  • Installation and service manuals
  • CVE activity for various DOA organisations

CAE systems

FEA Solver

  • NX Nastran
    • Static Linear (SOL101) and Nonlinear (SOL 106)
    • Normal Modes/Eigenvalue (SOL103)
    • Modal/Direct Response and Eigenvalue Analysis (SOL107-112, 114-116 and 129)
    • Buckling (SOL105)
    • Design / Topology Optimisation (SOL200)
    • Advanced Nonlinear Implicit / Explicit (SOL601/SOL701)
    • Heat Transfer /Static / Transient / Explicit (SOL153/SOL159) + MAYAHTT Solver
    • Aeroelasticity and Aerodynamic Flutter (SOL144 - 146)
    • Rotordynamic
    • Multi-Step Structural (SOL 401) and Multi-Step Nonlinear Structural (SOL402)
    • Thermal and Advanced Thermal Solver
    • Impact / Crash
    • Nonlinear Dynamic
    • Conversion / Deep-Drawing
    • Fluid-structure Interdependence
  • FEMPLY (Composite Tool)

Pre- Postprocessors

  • Simcenter 3D

Fatigue calculation

  • AFGROW (Crack growth calculation)
  • CI-Times (Crack initiation calculation)