AeroFEM is the leading independent engineering company for aviation projects in Switzerland.

AeroFEM offers support for the development, modification or repair work of airplanes, helicopters or drones. Worldwide, AeroFEM has successfully implemented many projects for airplane manufacturers and producers of specialized aviation equipment. Quality and safety are top priorities in the development of aerospace products.

For customers with their own development operations, or using our own EASA design organisation approval (EASA.21J.644), we can develop your product in compliance with current aeropsace regulations.

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Jörg Spichtig
HoISM, Dipl. Ing. ETH, Managing Director

EASA Design Organisation (DOA)

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Development and verification of aerospace products

Our range of services includes concept design, construction and structural verification of newly developed aircrafts as well as aircraft modifications, interior accessories and repairs. Drones, helicopters, small airplanes all the way up to airliners - we cover the whole spectrum as far as structures is concerned.

Our range of services covers:

Structural design

From the conceptual design stage all the way through to support during operation.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design concepts for systems and components
  • 3D-CAD modelling
  • Production documentation
  • Lifecycle management

Aerodynamic and loads

The key to successful development in aerospace is correct loads.

  • CFD analysis and optimization
  • Load calculations based on CFD and analytical methods
  • Development of fatigue spectrums
  • Calculation of interface loads
  • Load definitions based on tests (wind tunnel tests, flight testing)

Structural calculation

Analytical analysis as a supplement to FEA is not just relevant in the concept phase. Certification authorities often require comparative calculations alongside the FEA. An analytical approach is also used sometimes for reasons of efficiency.

  • Structural strength verifications
  • Fatigue verifications
  • Buckling analysis
  • System analysis

Numeric calculations

Efficient application of CAE tools for economic product development.

  • Development of Finite Element Models (FE-Models) for static and dynamic analysis
  • Implicit analysis with NX Nastran
  • Linear and nonlinear structural analysis
  • Stability analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Aeroelasticity
  • Thermal calculations (transient and stationary)
  • Topology and parameter optimization
  • Explicit analysis with LS-DYNA and NX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear
  • Bird strike and impact analysis (e.g. hail)
  • Rotor dynamic analysis for propellers, engines and helicopter rotors
  • Ground resonance calculations for helicopters


We work in close cooperation with partner organizations to test material properties (structural strength, stiffness, flammability, toxicity), carry out ground tests (limit load, ultimate load, or GVT), and flight tests (e.g. Flutter).

  • Development of test specifications and test plans
  • Selection of test organizations
  • Product testing
  • Documentation of test results


No product can leave the ground anymore without certification.

  • Development of certification plans
  • Certification documentation
  • Verification engineering (CVE for customers with EASA DOA)
  • Negotiations with aviation authorities (EASA/FOCA)

Our offer

We develop products, modifications and repairs either within the scope of the client's DOA licence or our own DOA (EASA.21J.644).

Our range encompasses:

  • Support for STC (Supplemental Type Certificates)
  • STC modifications and repairs
  • Minor changes
  • Major and minor repair designs

We have a wealth of experience with development, modification and repair work in the following product categories:

  • CS-25 - Large Airplanes
  • CS-23 - Small Airplanes
  • CS-VLA - Very Light Airplanes
  • CS-LSA - Light Sport Airplanes
  • CS-22 - Sailplanes (Powered)
  • CS-29 - Large Rotorcrafts
  • CS-27 - Small Rotorcrafts
  • CS-VLR - Very Light Rotorcrafts
  • UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Our services include:

  • Structure
    • Fuselage, wing, vertical tail, steering system, horizontal tail, engine installation and external equipment
  • Cabin
    • Interior
    • Luggage and cargo space
    • External labels and markings
    • Cockpit
  • Hydro-mechanical systems
    • Cargo hook and lifting systems (CS-23, -29, -27, -VLR)
  • Engine and tank systems
    • Engine installation (CS-23, -VLA, -LSA, -22)

Historical airplanes

AeroFEM has successfully provided support for a wide range of projects for historical aircrafts. This includes large-scale repair work or the development and support of inspection programs for existing airplanes such as the Super Constellation. This also includes the manufacturing of parts which are not available anymore. Changes and the integration of new equipment are implemented according to the historical, or if required, current regulations. In the case of a rebuild or a replica, more significant changes often have to be carried out on the aircraft. We offer our engineering services for the development and licensing of the modifications.

With the expansion of our DOA to Annex II, under the supervision of the federal office of civilian aviation, we can conduct minor and major changes as well as repairs on historical aircrafts in Switzerland.

Past projects

  • Replica of the Junkers F-13
    • Building supervision for structure
    • Certification support
    • Construction and verification of various parts, e.g. tail connection, steering system, engine mount structure, seat integration (9g)
    • Aeroelasticity analysis
  • Super Constellation Flyers
    • New construction of various parts, e.g. cockpit glazing, cabinets, wheel rims
    • Repair work of main spar (wing), engine mount, cabin floor
    • Inspection program for structure (fuselage, wing, vertical tail, steering system and horizontal tail)
  • Hawker Hunter
    • Integration Smoke Pod
  • Glider Elfe S-4
    • Increase of the take-off mass

Super Constellation HB-RSC
Junkers F13
Elfe S 4