Energy technologies

For either renewable or conventional energy production, we support our clients with structural, dynamic, and aerodynamic analysis.

Nowadays, static and dynamic structural analysis is almost always necessary for product certification. With Arne Vollan, AeroFEM has an internationally acknowledged expert in structural engineering and rotor dynamics. His expertise has been valued in many projects related to electricity generators, hydro turbines and wind turbines. With CFD, we can also support our customers with complex fluid dynamic-related questions.

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Patrice Verdan
Dipl. Ing. ETH, Ing. HTL, Executive MBS, Managing Director

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In the past, AeroFEM has participated in the analysis of many wind turbine installations all over the world. We have verified the rotor dynamic design for small vertical rotors as well as for large-scale 7MW offshore facilities. AeroFEM also has experience in the design of wind turbine blades.

AeroFEM has also done fatigue strength assessments for the drive shafts for various hydro plants. Rotordynamic analyses of large-scale plants for international companies are also part of our project portfolio.

We also offer dimensioning and optimizations based on CFD methods. Photo-voltaic or thermal power plants often have large contact surfaces which can be critical with respect to wind loads. Using CFD, wind loads can efficiently be calculated and the static and dynamic structural strength can be evaluated. We also offer our engineering services in plant engineering for nuclear waste storage. The design of thermal power plant components (e.g. plasma furnaces) under thermal loads as well as the design of earthquake robust component designs have successfully been studied by AeroFEM in various projects.