Medical technologies

With our broad knowledge and expertise in product development of structural components, we develop and verify ideas and requirements of our clients in the medical field.

AeroFEM has contributed to many projects for customers in the field of medical technology. Example projects include fatigue assessments of radial flow pumps for respirators as well as the simulation of nonlinear behaviour of silicone membranes for insulin pumps. In addition to these examples, AeroFEM has also verified the design and dimensioning of medical equipment for airplanes, helicopters and other vehicles.

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Patrice Verdan
Dipl. Ing. ETH, Ing. HTL, Executive MBS, Managing Director

Medizinaltechnik 1280

Problems like structural strength, dynamic stability, fatigue resistance and also the consideration of fluid dynamic effects are important for design, development and certification in the field of medical technologies. AeroFEM can help you with high-quality product development in modern 3D-CAD systems and integration in the PLM environment.

Safety, quality and reliability of products and services are the most important basic requirements in medical technology and are responsibly applied by our engineers.