AeroFEM is a sales partner of PlySim Analysis Services for FEMPLY.

FEMPLY is a composite ply-based modelling and post-processing tool fully integrated into Siemens' FEMAP Pre/Post-processor offering fast, efficient and simple definition of complex component layups, post-processing to advanced composite laminate and sandwich panel failure theorems and automated reporting of layups, plies and bill of materials.

Developed by PlySim, a leading composites engineering consultant, FEMPLY is a versatile tool developed and used by composite engineers for real-world projects in a wide range of industries.

Perpetual node-locked and network floating licenses are available.

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Andres Graf
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FEMPLY includes a large range of features to improve the simplicity, speed, versatility and reliability of composite pre and post-processing

  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Edit multiple plies in one operation
  • Completely integrated into FEMAP. No exporting to external programs required
  • A single definition of laminate properties, failure theorem and offsets can be applied to all composite property sets
  • Geometry independent
  • Automatically re-map existing plies onto a new mesh or post mesh refinement
  • Import plies, materials and properties from other FEMPLY layup files
  • Ply definitions are unrestricted by interior holes etc.
  • FEMPLY uses FEMAP's global ply functionality for easy post-processing
  • Import global plies from legacy models

Ply draping analyses and flat ply shape export

  • Accurately account for fibre angle deviation during the manufacturing process
  • Verify planned production processes
  • Reduce the need for modifications or redesign late in the manufacturing stage
  • Directly extract 2D CAD ply shapes for use in ply booklets or cutting patterns
  • Enhance the accuracy and reproducibility of components

Advanced failure theorem post-processing

  • Robust post-processing to Hill, Hoffmann, Tsai-Wu, Max Stress, Max Strain, Puck, Cuntze, LaRC02 and user-defined failure theorems
  • Inverse reserve factors
  • Output vectors by layer, global ply and maximum
  • Critical ply and fibre angle output vectors to quickly and easily identify critical areas
  • Sandwich stability calculations for skin wrinkling, shear crimping and honeycomb dimpling
  • Failure envelope charting and export
  • Layered stress / strain visualisation tools

Fatigue damage summation and failure indices

  • A miners damage summation with calculation of linear fatigue failure indices
  • Critical ply, component and fibre angle vectors with results by layer and global ply

Laminate, bill of materials and failure calculation reporting

  • Automated Microsoft Word reporting of failure theorems, failure envelopes, failure indices and critical results
  • Bill of material, layup, ply and material summary report including layup and ply application region images
  • Sandwich stability reports including failure theorem summary, failure envelopes, failure indices and critical results

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