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Modeling and simulation software provides an excellent way for designers and engineers to cost-effectively evaluate how their products will perform under expected operating conditions. Improving the performance of designs can be a tedious, manual, time-consuming process. With increasing product complexity, identifying what changes to make to improve performance relies more on trial and error than an efficient systematic approach. HEEDS™ provides an environment that assists in discovering better designs, faster. It tackles these challenges by automating your analysis process, leveraging your investment in computing hardware, efficiently searching for better performing solutions and providing intuitive ways to review the design performance. Even engineers with very little design optimization experience can use HEEDS to discover optimal designs — in a fraction of the time it would take to perform even a handful of manual iterations. Using HEEDS software changes the paradigm of improving product performance. You no longer start with a design and use simulation to only evaluate performance. You can now define desired performance and allow HEEDS and your simulation tools to help discover better designs, faster.

Oliver Ryan

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Oliver Ryan
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  • Simple interaction of different simulation tools
  • Efficient, adaptive and low user-input automatic optimization algorithm
  • Effective post-processing with automated graphics output

A partial list of simulation tools supported in HEEDS:

  • Simcenter 3D
  • Excel
  • NX CAD
  • Inventor
  • Solid Edge
  • Solid Works
  • Abaqus
  • Nastran
  • Amesim
  • Matlab
  • OpenFOAM
  • Paraview
  • Python
  • HyperMesh


Our HEEDS training is currently in preparation. Detailed information will be added soon.

If you have questions in the mean time - contact us, we will gladly help you with your request.


HEEDS 2016.10

Red Cedar Technology provides powerful tools for quickly and easily exploring product design options to find the best possible design to meet your needs. HEEDS 2016.10 is packed with great enhancements that continue to streamline design exploration through improved results processing and automated analysis tools. One example is the ability to view analysis results in the process workflow.

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