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The NX Mach software products are prepackaged solutions delivering high-perfor-mance computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities of NX software, the leading solution for mechanical design. They offer competitively priced solutions tailored to specific product development roles, practices and processes, in four performance tiers. Value-added upgrades are available to move customers from one tier to the next. Each package delivers complete capabilities for production work.

NX Mach 1, 2 and 3 solutions include everything needed to integrate with Teamcenter software to provide optional extended engineering process manage-ment tools through scalable collaboration and advanced management.

All of the NX Mach design solutions share a common denominator of high-perfor-mance CAD functions and powerful high-definition 3D (HD3D) Visual Reporting, enabling designers and engineers to quickly understand key elements of their designs. Each level of the solutions builds upon the other, providing increasingly more sophisticated and advanced design capabilities.

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Daniel Dörig
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NX Mach Designer

This entry-level solution offers tools for creating and editing designs of typical mechanical components and assemblies, with solid modeling and drafting, basic freeform modeling and sheet metal design. NX Mach Designer includes tools for design review, rapid prototyping, web publishing, validation checking, re-use library and custom program execution. It also offers design-oriented stress and vibration analysis wizards.

NX Mach 1 Product Design

This solution delivers all the capabilities of NX Mach Designer and includes the necessary tools to integrate to Teamcenter to provide powerful data management and visualization capabilities for product and process management.

NX Mach 2 Product Design

The Mach 2 Product Design package provides enhanced product design capabilities including flexible printed circuit board design, validation checking, user-defined features, rendering, 3D annotation for product and manufacturing information (PMI) and basic routing.

NX Mach 3 Product Design

The Mach 3 Product Design package provides a high-performance solution with NX capabilities for advanced assembly design, advanced freeform modeling and surface analysis, design optimization and molded part validation.


  • Boosts product design efficiency
  • Accelerates mechanical design processes
  • Improves collaboration
  • Reduces design process waste
  • Improves design quality
  • Single environment facilitates process from model to printed part


  • End-to-end mechanical product design solutions with a rich set of supporting tools
  • High-performance modeling, drafting and comprehensive assembly design powered by synchronous technology and Convergent Modeling
  • Comprehensive preconfigured solutions tailored for the full range of product design applications
  • Power and flexibility that supportsvirtually any design methodology, whether top-down or bottom-up


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Version 2212

• Sketch productivity improvements driven by user input for patterning and sliding/remote relation finding
• Industry requested improvements for Threads
• New and improved advanced shape modeling capabilities across NX Draw Shape concept sketching, NX Class-A surfacing tools, and NX Algorithmic Modeling
• Important advancements in CAD integrated, simulation driven Generative Engineering tools with NX Design Space Explorer
• New NX 2D Edit application for editing 2D mechanical drawings leveraging sketch and drafting tools


Here you can download information about the current release of NX CAD. Should you require additional information, please call us - we'd be glad to help.