Simcenter FEMAP with Nastran

The leading finite element solution for engineers for precise and complex finite element models in the field of statics and dynamics


Simcenter FEMAP is the worldwide leading, CAD independent solution developed for Windows with pre- and postprocessor for efficient finite element analysis. Fast and precise analyses in the field of statics and dynamics can be conducted with the integrated NX Nastran solver. Additional modules can be acquired to analyze coupled simulations with thermal and flow analysis.

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Simcenter FEMAP with Nastran Module

The base module of Simcenter FEMAP with Nastran includes a wide range of functions, which covers the requirements for the usual analysis tasks. Furthermore, the range of functions can be expanded with additional modules for NX Nastran or add-ons for Simcenter FEMAP:

Basic analysis functions NX Nastran

  • Linear static analysis (incl. contact)
  • Modal analysis
  • Buckling
  • Heat conduction calculations (stationary and transient)
  • Nonlinear analysis
  • Welding analysis
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Linear contact
  • Glued connections
  • Bolt pretensions

Advanced analysis functions NX Nastran

  • Dynamic response analysis
  • Advanced nonlinear calculations
  • Superelements
  • Direct matrix arithmetic programming (DMAP)
  • Structural optimisation
  • Rotordynamics
  • Thermal analysis- basic
  • Thermal analysis - advanced
  • Flow analysis
  • Aeroelasticity

Simcenter FEMAP add-ons

The FEMPLY add-on expands the range of functions of Simcenter FEMAP for composite materials and offers additional failure criteria. The SDC Verifier add-on adds advanced functions to Simcenter FEMAP for verifying structures according to norms like Eurocode 3 or DIN 15018.


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2 Days
24 - 25 September 2020
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5. - 6. November 2020
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6 - 7 October 2020
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26 - 27 November 2020
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28. - 29. Januar 2021
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Version 2020.2

  • Performance improvements for large FE-Models
  • New Element Type: Nastran General Matrix (GENEL)
  • New Stress Linearization Tool
  • New Send to Excel Commands
  • Improved Follower Forces and Moments for Pre- and Postprocessing
  • Extended Geometry Editing Tools in the Meshing Toolbox
  • More robust mesh editing with associated entities
  • Display Aero Pressures, Coefficients and Forces for Aeroelasticity
  • Multi Session Support and other Extensions for API

Simcenter FEMAP Version 2020.2

Siemens Sw Simcenter Femap Version 2020 2

Version 2020.1

The latest release provides a variety of improvements that will improve your productivity across the simulation workflow. Model creation enhancements consist of more robust editing of geometric features, the ability to align geometric patterns useful for mapped meshing, and improved defeaturing capabilities for fillets and blends. For meshing, existing workflows have been enhanced to allow greater flexibility and more options when creating line elements from the edges of other elements or sweeping elements along an existing mesh. There are also several updates to solver integration for Nastran®, including support for monitor points and direct matrix inputs (DMIGs), as well as Ansys®, Abaqus® and LS-DYNA®.

Simcenter FEMAP Version 2020.1


Here you can download information about the current release of Simcenter FEMAP. Should you require additional information, please call us - we'd be glad to help.