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The market-leading FEA solver for high performance, precision, reliability and scalability

Nastran has been on the market for over 40 years. Nastran is an industry leading finite element solver for calculating stresses, vibrations, structural integrity, heat transfer, acoustics and aeroelastic problems. Developers and manufacturers of products in aerospace, the automotive industry, the electrical industry, the heavy machinery industry, the medical industry and other industries depend on Simcenter™ Nastran® for high-quality simulations and design calculations for safe, reliable and optimized designs.

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Simcenter Nastran basic products

Simcenter Nastran

Includes the most important functions of Simcenter Nastran, which includes linear static analysis, modal frequency response analysis, buckling calculations and heat transfer. With Simcenter Nastran Basic, you have access to an extensive library of finite element and material models, robust editing functions for load definition as well as multiple efficient solution sequences for linear-static analysis (including buckling) and modal frequency response analyses. Heat transfer analysis offers solutions for stationary and time-dependent design problems. Simcenter Nastran Basic can take an important role in your virtual development process because it offers the most common CAE solutions for creating digital prototypes and simulating product performance.

Simcenter Nastran for FEMAP

Simcenter Nastran for FEMAP is a cost-efficient native Windows CAE-solution which combines the pre- and post-processors of FEMAP and the analysis functions of Simcenter Nastran. Simcenter Nastran for FEMAP is seamlessly integrated in the FEMAP environment thanks to the 15 years of collaboration with the MSC Nastran Solver. Simcenter Nastran for FEMAP offers an extremely cost-efficient solution for a variety of large and small companies. Your design teams can profit from the robust CAE-Tools that they need to improve product performance and at the same time also improve reliability and repeatability of your design processes.

Simcenter Nastran Additional Modules

The basic module of FEMAP with Simcenter Nastran already includes a wide range of functions that cover the requirements for typical calculation tasks. Also, the range of functions can be increased considerably with additional modules for Simcenter Nastran:

Simcenter Nastran - Basic Module

  • Linear static analysis (incl. Contact)
  • Modal analysis
  • Buckling
  • Heat transfer (stationary and transient)
  • Nonlinear analysis
  • Welding analysis
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Linear contact
  • Glued connections
  • Bolt pretension

Simcenter Nastran - Additional Modules

  • Dynamic response analysis
  • Aeroelasticity
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Superelements
  • Advanced nonlinearities
  • Structure optimization
  • Direct Matrix Arithmetic Programming (DMAP)
  • Distributed Memory Parallel (DMP)

Dynamic Response

With the „Dynamic Response“ toolbox in Simcenter Nastran you can calculate the forced dynamic frequency response of your product according to your inputs (loads or movement),that change depending on time and frequency. As an add-on Option for the Simcenter Nastran base module it complements the linear-static functions of the base solution. The dynamic response functions play an important role in various industries, for example:

  • Assessment of passenger comfort in aircraft and cars under various operating conditions,
  • Determining if the motor frequencies or the tire control of the road surface have a negative impact on the performance of other vehicle components (e.g. the steering rod or the seat)
  • Assessment of the effect of vibrations on the performance of consumer products and other electronic high-tech devices.


Calculating aeroelasticity enables the simulation of structural models in air current environments. With the Simcenter Nastran Aeroelasticity module, an add-on module for Simcenter Nastran Basics, you have access to static aeroelastic functions for the calculation and construction of stresses, loads, aerodynamics and controls. Aeroelasticity is used when designing airplanes, helicopters, rockets, suspension bridges and even tall building structures.

Rotor dynamics

Rotating bodies are subject to gyroscopic effects from Coriolis and centrifugal forces. The Simcenter Nastran Rotor Dynamics module allows for predicting the dynamic behavior of rotating systems in consideration of those effects. This module enables the user to simulate rotating loads, conduct synchronous and non-synchronous calculations, create Campbell-Diagrams, predict critical frequencies and velocities and isolate potential instabilities.


With Simcenter Nastran you can solve large systems of equations, efficiently using numerous matrix algorithms. The „Superelements“ function of Simcenter Nastran is the key to even greater efficiency. Superelements, an add-on for Simcenter Nastran Basic, plays an important role in the calculation of very big and complex Finite-Element-Models because it splits bigger structures into many equal smaller structures (Superelements). Superelements can be used with all Simcenter Nastran analysis functions. The add-on is especially efficient for extensive analyses of whole systems. This can include analyses of whole aircraft, cars or ships, and it performs calculation steps and partial calculations for whole assemblies.

Advanced Nonlinear

Simcenter Nastran Advanced Nonlinear allows for a complete and simultaneous incorporation of all three structural nonlinearities: contact-, material- and geometry-nonlinearities. As an add-on for Simcenter Nastran Basic, Simcenter Nastran Advanced Nonlinear is an integration of the well-known and powerful ADINA Finite Element Solver. Whereat Simcenter Nastran SOL 601 is for implicit and Simcenter Nastran SOL 701 is for explicit solutions methods.

Structural optimization

Every manufacturer strives for innovative products that fulfill the performance standards. Design engineers can optimize drafts with optimization methods, so they get the best possible product with minimal costs. Manual design iterations are a matter of luck at best, because your designs can have hundreds of degrees of freedom with complex interaction. Design optimization facilitates the improvement of product drafts by automating the iterative process of comparing the product performance with the desired specifications.

Direct Matrix Abstraction Program (DMAP)

The Direct Matrix Abstraction Program (DMAP) is a unique programming function of Nastran that is available as an add-on for the base module of Simcenter Nastran. With its help, customers can expand the functions of Simcenter Nastran by writing their own applications. DMAP can be used for:

  • The calculation of additional steps for structural responses,
  • The transfer of revised data from and to Simcenter Nastran (e.g. externally produced system matrices)
  • The integration of the newest software optimizations without needing to wait for the major software releases
  • Access to more than just the standard result output sets


Simcenter FEMAP Version 2019.1Click on the course titles to learn more about the Simcenter Nastran trainings.


Version 2019.1

The newest Simcenter FEMAP Version 2019.1 offers various improvements which improve productivity and the simulation work flow. The updates range from object selection and splitting-operation to meshing, including new sweep and mesh-transition options. There are also updates for solver-integration of Nastran, Ansys, Abaqus and new postprocessing functions.

Simcenter FEMAP Version 2019.1


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