Advanced Training SOL401 and SOL402

Introduction to the new Simcenter Nastran Advanced Nonlinear Solution Sequences SOL401 and SOL402


Want to master Advanced Nonlinear Analysis using Nastran SOL401 and SOL402? Join us in this Advanced Training to successfully start or switch from other nonlinear codes!

The training will guide you through the fundamentals of nonlinear analysis. The nonlinear analysis setup procedure is demonstrated using practical examples. Results and performance of SOL401 and SOL402 are compared to other Nastran solution sequences such as SOL106, SOL129 and SOL601.


- Basic Training FEMAP with Nastran
- Sound Knowledge of Structural Mechanics

Part I - Nonlinear Theory

  • Nonlinearity Types (Material, Geometric, Contact)
  • Material Nonlinearities
    - Stress vs. Strain Definitions
    - Large Strain
    - Stress Tensor and Yield Criterion
    - Plasticity Models
    - Hardening Models
  • Geometric Nonlinearities
    - Large Displacements, Large Rotations
    - Buckling (Imperfections, Sensitivity)
    - Membran Stiffening Effect
  • Contact Nonlinearities
    - Contact Formulations
    - Linear vs. Nonlinear
  • Solution Strategies
    - Newton-Raphson Method
    - Newmark Method
    - Arc-Length Method

Part II - Appplication in FEMAP - Procedure

- SOL401 Analysis Setup and Procedure
- SOL402 Analysis Setup and Procedure

Part III - Application in FEMAP Examples

- Element Types, Material Models and Large Displacement
- Isotropic and Kinematic Hardening
- Contact
- Cub Cases
- DOF Coupling
- Debugging of Aircraft Wing
- Cohesive Elements
- Post Buckling of Rear Fuselage
- Snap Through of Canopy Glass

Part IV - Tipps and Tricks

- Subcase Types (Static, Dynamic, Bolt, Preload, Buckling)
- Runtime Interaction with SOL402
- Analysis Parameters SOL401 and SOL402
- Convergence Criteria


German / English


Andres Graf


Minimum 3 / maximum 6


CHF 1 732.00 per participant

Course Location

AeroFEM GmbH, Aumühlestrasse 10, 6373 Ennetbürgen


Please send us your application in written form, e.g. by e-mail or via our webpage. Cancellations two weeks prior to the course can be accepted without charge. For later cancellations, full costs will be charged. Any cancellation must be in written form.

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Andres Graf
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