Advanced Training Structural Dynamics

...a fascinating engineering topic which requires sound knowledge!


Structural dynamics is a fascinating but complex topic, which requires good understanding of the theoretical background and its application in the Software. This training will guide you through the fundamentals of structural dynamics and demonstrates the application in FEMAP with Simcenter Nastran based on examples.


- Basic Training FEMAP with Nastran
- Sound Knowledge of Structural Mechanics and Engineering Mathematics

Covered Solution Sequences

  • Normal Mode Analysis
    - SOL 103 - SEMODES - Normal Modes
  • Complex Mode Analysis
    - SOL 107 – SEDCEIG – Direct Complex Eigenvalues
    - SOL 110 – SEMCEIG – Modal Complex Eigenvalues
  • Transient Response Analysis
    - SOL 109 – SEDTRAN – Direct Transient Response
    - SOL 112 – SEMTRAN – Modal Transient Response
  • Frequency Response Analysis
    - SOL 108 – SEDFREQ – Direct Frequency Response
    - SOL 111 – SEMFREQ – Modal Frequency Response
  • Random Response Analysis
    - SOL 108 – SEDFREQ – Direct Random Response (Post Process)
    - SOL 111 – SEMFREQ – Modal Random Response (Post Process)
  • Response Spectrum Analysis

Related Structural Dynamics Theory

- Equation of Motion based on SDOF and MDOF
- Complex Exponential Function
- Damping (Structural, Critical, Quality Factor, Rayleigh Damping)
- Modal Matrix [Ф] and Modal Coordinates {q}
- Mode Selection (MODSEL)
- Modal Effective Mass (MEM)
- Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC)
- Normal Modes (NM) vs. Complex Modes (CM)
- Time Integration Schemes
- Time Domain vs. Frequency Domain (FFT)
- Large Mass Approach vs. Direct Method
- Power Spectral Density (PSD)
- Fatigue Input Spectrum based on Random Response Analysis

Related Additional Topics

- Dynamic Model Creation Guidelines
- Data Management
- Complex Result Postprocessing and Graphing
- Dynamic Testing, Model Correlation and Model Update
- Requirements, Requlations and Standards
- Literature and References
- Excitation : Force vs. Acceleration vs. Displacement


German / English


Andres Graf


Minimum 3 / maximum 6


CHF 2 600.00 per participant

Course Location

AeroFEM GmbH, Aumühlestrasse 10, 6373 Ennetbürgen


Please send us your application in written form, e.g. by e-mail or via our webpage. Cancellations two weeks prior to the course can be accepted without charge. For later cancellations, full costs will be charged. Any cancellation must be in written form.

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Andres Graf
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